A New Era of Investment

skylinesandiegoWe are a dedicated team of certified financial planners based in Southern California. We specialize in wealth management, estate planning, and retirement planning. We also work with businesses providing strategic financial planning and services, such as health insurance and business succession.

Our Investment Focuses

  • 1. Fee-Based Financial Advice. We do not work on commission so you can be assured we are looking out for your best interest and not our own.  We believe your success is our success.
  • 2.  Each Client is Unique. We understand that each client has their own finanicial goals, and as such; we do not offer cookie-cutter plans.  Instead we provide an individual approach to every client.
  • 3. Experienced Staff We have over 35 years experience in financial and business planning.  We also have over 30 years in tax planning.  Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Investment Strategies

Capital Preservation

...is about making sound investment strategies that prevent loss of your original investment. The trade-off results in lower returns but you still should expect to see some gains. This choice is preferred during recession times or during a volatile market.

Moderate Growth

This is a bond portfolio strategically grouped together with growth stock investments. Expect fairly low risk with slightly better returns than Capital Preservation.


A much larger percentage of your portfolio is invested in stocks, more specifically, growth company stock. A smaller portion of only 10% to 15% is invested in bonds.

Aggressive Growth

This portfolio is entirely market investing in highly aggressive company stock. When you think of Aggressive Growth investing, think of high-risk, high-reward.